Residential Painting

Residential Painting

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No matter the size of your home, every house deserves to have quality paint inside and out. A new home can be brought to life, and an older home can look like new again with painting from LDN Painters Inc. We give our full dedication and experience with every residential painting project.

Interior Painting

• Move and cover all furniture
• Place drop cloths on all floors
• Strip off old wall coverings
• Repair cracks and holes
• Fill holes from nails
• Prep the surfaces to be painted

With each of our interior residential painting jobs, we take in to account your personal design style when helping you make color choices. Picking paint is a very personal thing. We will never try to make the decision for you, but instead guide you with ideas and tips.

It is important to choose the right type of paint for your surface. We also use professional techniques to give you a fantastic result. Whether one room, or the entire house, we can give you the paint job of your dreams!

Exterior Paint

Exterior painting is one of the most important home maintenance projects that you can have done. Paint does not just add beauty to your home; it also protects your home from weather and water.

Having new paint applied to the exterior of your home will protect it from moisture. Failing to take these steps can cost you money down the road. Letting your exterior go without new paint can cause wood rot from our unpredictable weather in Albany, OR. Using our residential painting services for the painting of the exterior of your home can not only protect your home, but completely change the look of it as well.

When you are ready to update the inside or outside of your home with new residential paint, trust our professionals to do a job you will love for years to come.